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"ecioV gnireehC ruO" (lastdaydeaf.com)

Mr. K was sitting in his living room watching television. It was late at night, when suddenly he heard a voice. Someone was calling him: “Mr. K, Mr. K!” the voice said.
He tried not to pay attention; this had been happening for 7 days now. But every other time Mr. K was not at home; he was out in the street or at the office. Every other time he assumed that it was a joke from the guys at work. But now… why was he hearing the voice again? He was home alone. This time, he assumed it was just him because he was too tired. So, he went to bed. Just when he lay down, he heard that voice again: “Mr. K, Mr. K!
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Τετάρτη, 11 Οκτωβρίου 2017

Σάββατο, 15 Ιουλίου 2017

"ςετρόΠ ςέτσιελΚ ςιΤ όπΑ ωσίΠ ήωΖ Η" (121 λεξεις)

Η κυρια Μ ζουσε στο απεναντι σπιτι από το δικο μου. Σπανια την βλεπαμε στο μπαλκονι, κ ακομα πιο σπανια στο δρομο. Μονο τον αντρα της βλεπαμε το απογευμα που γυρνουσε απο το συνεργειο. Ηταν ένα συνηθισμενο ζευγαρι, ποτέ δεν ειχαν δωσει αφορμη εδώ κ ένα χρονο που ειχαν μετακομισει. Ένα ξημερωμα, ολη η γειτονια σηκωθηκε στο ποδι. Περιπολικα, μαζι κ ένα ασθενοφορο ηταν εξω από το σπιτι της κυριας Μ. Ο λογος ηταν ότι η κυρια Μ ειχε σκοτωσει τον αντρα της. Όταν την εβαζαν στο περιπολικο, ορισμενοι την εβριζαν. Εκεινη δεν τους απαντησε. Τι να τους πει? Ότι κάθε βραδυ ο αντρας της τη χτυπουσε? Τωρα, ηξερε ότι θα πηγαινε στη φυλακη, αλλά ηξερε ότι εκει θα ηταν ελευθερη.

Τρίτη, 4 Ιουλίου 2017


Every day like today, while the sun is setting down, I take the same route. I’m walking through the forest, heading towards a big house by the river.
This house, is the one I was born. In this house I had lived since 17. Then I left. I never went back inside this house. The only closer I’ve got is 70 meters away.
I had many reasons that made me abandon this house; That made me leave my family and never see them again. Actually, it wasn’t a big family. It’s just my parents and myself; their only child, their only boy.
Like everybody else, I have no memories from my first five years. I suppose that must be good! Sadly, all the other memories have hurt me a lot.
At the age of seven, my beloved mother passed away. She died peacefully in her sleep, and I’m sure that this was her only peaceful time of her whole life. Despite my sadness (I wanted to leave, to run away from everything) I stayed.
I stayed living with my ….let’s say with the man who married my mother and after nine months I came to …Earth!
Life sucks, there were so many times that I wished that night (nine months before I was born) my beloved mother had had a …headache! Unfortunately she had not!
Anyway, as I mentioned before, every time I have my birthday, I’m coming near the house that I grew up. I had never approached less than 70 meters away. I just stand still –and safe- in this distance staring at it.
Now, this house is abandoned. Shrubs and climbing plants are dancing in the flesh of this  ruined house. My father ….ehmmm, the guy who married my mother, has passed away too. Everything seems dead now. I am staring at the house, it’s night, but tonight it’s a rainy night. This is strange, because I was born in the middle of the summer. As the rain flatters my hair, I decide to step into the house. I don’t know why I did that. I guess that I have nothing left to fear now.
I am approaching very frightened, and when I reach the outside door I stop. The only thing I had to do is open the door. But I was scared. This fear was something above me. But, shall I have any chance in the future?
So I open the door. I notice all the furniture covered with dust. The mirrors on the walls covered with sheets. It was just like they didn’t want anyone to see what had happened there a long time ago.
I headed to my mother’s room, there where everything had begun.
When I reached the room, I saw my mother. I saw her crying as she was holding me in her hug. There were no tears of happiness, these were tears of pain, tears of fear. Suddenly I saw my …the guy who married my mother. He was angry, he was screaming to my mother. My mother and I were crying while he was screaming. I saw him (again) as he was beating my mother all over her body. I saw her trying to hold me tight, as she was trying to protect me.
I would give everything to turn back time! To be stronger than I was! To protect my mother and myself! But when I was a kid, I wasn’t  brave, I was a coward. I close the door very loud.
So loud that it was like I wanted to say to …the guy who married my mother: “Stop! Enough! Get the Hell away from my mother!”.
My eyes now are wet, I almost cried, but I said to myself that I must not cry, I must not cry …again.
Now, I have only one thing to do: To open the door of my own room. Who knows what I would face? I didn’t. I was afraid, because I believed that I was going to see me, and my …mother’s husband in this room. To hear me screaming again. To see me crying again. There are memories that haunt me from this room, from this house. I thought for a moment to leave, to run away. But, this was my last time here. I longed to see my old room again, hopefully to see it with colors.
I opened the door. My room was just like I left it. A bed, and some (dusty now) toys. I also had a small bookcase on the wall. These books (and my mother) made me what I am today.
I look closely, and under the blanket, I see myself! What a feeling to come back in time and see yourself! I was sleeping so peacefully!
I couldn’t resist. I took myself on my hug (carefully trying not to wake me up). I kiss me in my forehead. I saw my tears falling to the baby’s cheek. My tears were falling from me, to me.
I whispered to me “don’t worry, everything will be fine” as my mother used to say to me.
I put myself again to bed, covered me carefully with the blanket. Before leaving the room, I turned on the light.
Then I left. Since then, I never came back to the house. I know that someday I will, but I also know that I lie.

Δευτέρα, 12 Ιουνίου 2017

(6) "οίερταιχυΨ οτΣ ηκίλΑ Η"

"ςηκίλΑ ςηΤ ήμορδκΕ Η"

Το προηγουμενο βραδυ, η Αλικη ακουσε τους γονεις της να μιλουν κρυφα. Δεν ηταν σιγουρη τι ελεγαν, αλλά σα να ακουσε κατι σχετικα με μια εκδρομη που σχεδιαζαν για εκεινη.  Από τη χαρα της για την εκπληξη αυτή, δε κοιμηθηκε ολο το βραδυ. Κάθε λιγο σκεφτοταν που θα την πανε. Μηπως στο βουνο? Να δει τη φυση, να δει τα αγρια ζωα? Η μηπως στη θαλασσα να κολυμπησει στα παγωμενα νερα? Προτιμουσε πιο πολύ τη θαλασσα, διοτι δεν ειχε παει ποτέ της. Ανυπομονουσε να νιωσει τον εαυτο της να κολυμπαει, κ ας μην ηξερε κολυμπι.

Το επομενο πρωι δεν αργησε να ερθει. Βρηκε την Αλικη να κοιμαται κουρασμενη από τις βραδυνες της σκεψεις. Δεν προσεξε καλα καλα τους ανθρωπους που ηρθαν κ την πηραν από τους γονεις της. Ουτε θυμαται αν φωναξε ή όχι. Τωρα την ενοχλουσε μονο αυτή η παραξενη ζακετα που της φορεσαν.

"οχίοΤ οτΣ ςακανίΠ Ο"

Εδω κ καιρο, η Αλικη ειχε προσεξει ενα πινακα στο θαλαμο μιας κοπελας. Εδειχνε ενα μικρο σπιτι, με μεγαλη αυλη εξω. Ολο ελεγε να τον κοιταξει πιο προσεκτικα, μα ολο το ξεχνουσε. Σημερα το πρωι ομως, κ ενω ολοι οι τροφιμοι του ψυχιατρειου ειχαν βγει στο προαυλιο, η Αλικη πηγε να τον δει.

Πραγματι, ηταν ενα μικρο σπιτι με μεγαλη αυλη, αυτο ομως που ειδε η Αλικη ηταν οτι στην αυλη καθοταν χαρουμενη μια οικογενεια. Ηταν ο πατερας της, η μητερα της, κ η ιδια! Ποσο συγκινηθηκε! Ποσα δακρυα ετρεξαν απο τα μάτια της! Ποσο ηθελε να ειναι με τους γονεις της ξανα! 

Οταν ακουστηκε ο πρωτος θορυβος, κανείς απο τους νοσηλευτες δεν εδωσε σημασια. Ουτε οταν ακουστηκε ο δευτερος. Στον τριτο θορυβο ομως, ολοι α νοσηλευτες αρχισαν να τρεχουν πανικοβλητοι. 
Τελευταια στιγμη προλαβαν την Αλικη πριν χτυπησει για τεταρτη φορα το κεφαλι της πανω στο πινακα. Ενω της σκουπιζαν τα αιματα, η Αλικη κλαιγοντας τους ελεγε: "αφηστε να ειμαι με τους γονεις μου, σας παρακαλω!!"

Σάββατο, 20 Μαΐου 2017

"ytuaeB fO ytinaV ehT ?llA fO enO tseitterP ehT s'ohW ,llaW ehT nO rorriM rorriM"

Let me share with you some thoughts that I have. Some thoughts about beauty.
Every house has a mirror, we all know that. All of us spent time to look at ourselves in the mirror. We fix our hair, we check if our clothes are ok, and women look themselves when they put their make-up, etc.
Which is the only thought that they lurks inside them, most of the people, when they look at the mirror? Those who will answer “we look if we are pretty”, they win a …gold watch! Yes, we all want to be pretty, we all want to look good. Especially in these days, image sells, and sells for good.

Δευτέρα, 8 Μαΐου 2017


θα δωσω σε ενα συννεφο
τη μορφη σου,
σε ενα λουλουδι
το αρωμα σου,
σε ενα ποταμι
τα ονειρα σου,
στο χωμα θα γραψω
το ονομα σου.
αυτο το βραδυ
θα εισαι δικια μου

Αυριο βραδυ,
θα τα ζητησω
ολα πισω
θα τα αγορασω
με τα δακρυα μου
με το αιμα μου
θα βαψω τα ονειρα σου
με τα κοκκαλα μου
θα γραψω το ονομα σου

Αυριο βραδυ
που θα εισαι μακρυα μου.