Σάββατο, 20 Μαΐου 2017

"ytuaeB fO ytinaV ehT ?llA fO enO tseitterP ehT s'ohW ,llaW ehT nO rorrim rorriM"

Let me share with you some thoughts that I have. Some thoughts about beauty.
Every house has a mirror, we all know that. All of us spent time to look at ourselves in the mirror. We fix our hair, we check if our clothes are ok, and women look themselves when they put their make-up, etc.
Which is the only thought that they lurks inside them, most of the people, when they look at the mirror? Those who will answer “we look if we are pretty”, they win a …gold watch! Yes, we all want to be pretty, we all want to look good. Especially in these days, image sells, and sells for good.

Δευτέρα, 8 Μαΐου 2017


θα δωσω σε ενα συννεφο
τη μορφη σου,
σε ενα λουλουδι
το αρωμα σου,
σε ενα ποταμι
τα ονειρα σου,
στο χωμα θα γραψω
το ονομα σου.
αυτο το βραδυ
θα εισαι δικια μου

Αυριο βραδυ,
θα τα ζητησω
ολα πισω
θα τα αγορασω
με τα δακρυα μου
με το αιμα μου
θα βαψω τα ονειρα σου
με τα κοκκαλα μου
θα γραψω το ονομα σου

Αυριο βραδυ
που θα εισαι μακρυα μου.

Κυριακή, 9 Απριλίου 2017

“rooD sihT dniheB seiL gnihtemoS” (lastdaydeaf.com)

Well, here I am sitting alone outside of a room. The room’s door has a number on it, the number is: 30071969. This number looks familiar to me, but I can’t recall it right now. I’m trying to remember what I am doing here, who I’m waiting for.
The last memory I have, is walking through a forest at night. The path I was walking, was getting increasingly narrow. The trees coming towards me, seems like they’re trying to eat me. I can barely see the stars as the trees get closer to me. I also remember that after a while, the path got wet, and as I kept walking, it’s getting more moistorous. I felt that I was drowning, yes, that is my last memory! I was drowning; I couldn’t  breathe.
And then, suddenly I found myself here, outside of a room, waiting for something that I didn’t knew. What had happened? Where was the missing time? I have a big blank in my head, but I’m trying to remember.
Sadly, I remember nothing else. Not even what was the number on the door, which I believe I knew it.
So, for how long am I going to wait? There is no clock around, but I feel like I’ve been waiting for ages. I look again at the door, hoping that I’ll remember something, or hoping that -somehow- the door may open. But nothing has changed, I feel like time has stopped.
I decide to knock on the door (as I tried before but felt coward). Still I’m afraid. I’m afraid to knock on the door, I’m afraid to see what’s behind this door. But, I also desperately want to see.
I start looking at the room that I’m waiting. The walls are white, and perfectly clear. No pictures on, even the surface is flawless. They were the strangest walls I have ever seen. I start looking at the walls, just to forget what I am doing here. It was in vain, because I couldn’t stop thinking of it, and the worst of all is that I was getting scared! Funny, I was afraid, because I didn’t know nothing! I try to think that maybe behind this door, might be something good, something that would make me happy! But who am I fooling? This beliefs are not in me. I’m the saddest person ever.
But, as time passes, I got more determined to find out. The only thing that I can do, is open the door. Suddenly, I realize that this is the only door around, meaning that I must enter this door.
So, why am I still afraid? Why do I have all this tense in me? It is just a simple decision opening the door I said to myself. So, I approach the door, I reach my hand to the knob. I’m ready to touch it, but I’m still afraid. I think that maybe it’s better to wait and see if the door opens. I’m  still standing and looking again at the door at the moment.
I don’t know for how much time I have been looking at it, when I heard a noise. It originated behind the door! I went closer, I want to hear what was this. And yes, after a while, I heard something. It was like a baby crying! Like someone had left a baby alone.
So, what am I going to do now? Shall I open the door? I have to, because there is a baby inside! But, what if there is no baby? What if this is something else? Something very frightening?
What  am I going to do? What am I going to do now?? Shall I open the door or shall I leave? But, how can I leave, there is no other exit! It’s only this door in front of me! The door with the number 30071969!
The baby is crying very loud now. My head is getting full of its screams! I must open this door, even if I die, I have to, I need to!
I reach for the knob again, I touch it. For a minute it’s very cold, for a minute it’s very hot! I don’t care now, I’m determined to find out what lies behind this door.
My hand is shaking, my heart is trembling as I open the door.
Finally the door is open, and I see the only thing that I never wanted to see. It was there, waiting for me.
Helpless I walk towards it, I just sadly smile for a while, because in front of me there was that forest, with the narrow path. The forest that I was coming from.
And I knew that when I was opened this door, I wil be doing the same route in the forest, for ever and ever…

Παρασκευή, 31 Μαρτίου 2017

"νωτάμωΣ ησαλέραΠ"

Απλα περπατουσα στο δρομο. Σαν ολο το κοσμο, ετσι κ εγω ημουν ενας απο τους πολλους. Ισως απο τις ελαχιστες φορες στη ζωη μου που ενιωθα να υπαρχω αναμεσα σε ανθρωπους που δεν υπηρχαν. Κ ομως, κατα καποιο τροπο μου αρεσε. Οχι πολυ, αλλά μου αρεσε. ισως διοτι ηξερα οτι δεν θα κρατουσε πολυ, οτι θα ημουν ενας απο το πληθος για λιγο.

Δε θυμαμαι να με κοιταξε κανείς στα μάτια. Ολοι ειχαν το βλεμμα τους στο πουθενα, ακομα κ οταν κοιτουσαν μπροστα.Πραγματι, ειχε μια ομορφια αυτη η παρελαση σωματων! Ποιος ξερει ποιοι περασαν απο διπλα μου! Καλοι, κακοι, χοντροι, αδυνατοι, ψευτες, ειλικρινεις. Παρατηρουσα οτι ημουν ο μονος με αργο κ σταθερο βηματισμο, μια παραφωνια στο γρηγορο βαδισμα του κοπαδιου γυρω μου.

Ουτε για μια στιγμη δε σκεφθηκα να αλλαξω γνωμη. Ουτε για μια στιγμη δε σκεφθηκα μηπως κανω λαθος. Συμμαχος μου στη τηρηση της αποφασης μου το κοπαδι γυρω μου. Ποιος απο αυτους μπορει να ηταν αγνος? Ισως ελαχιστοι, αλλά με τα "ισως" δεν κανεις προοδο. Ηταν σαν ολοι αυτοι να με παρακαλουσαν (με καποιο περιεργο τροπο) να μη δειλιασω.  Φυσικα, οχι μονο δεν θα δισταζα, αλλά ημουν σε κατασταση ψυχικης γαληνης.

Μετα απο λιγο βρηκα το καταλληλο σημειο. Χωρις να εχω ακριβως δίπλα μου πολλα σωματα, αλλά ουτε κ μακρυα μου. Ημουν ετοιμος. Επιτελους σε λιγο θα ημουν ελευθερος. Επιτελους. σε λιγο πολλοι θα ημασταν ελευθεροι. Εβαλα το χερι μου στη τσεπη. Επιασα το κουμπι. Ηταν παγωμενο, αλλά μου εκαιγε το χερι απο τη ζεστη. Κοιταξα για τελευταια φορα τα κενα σωματα να βαδιζουν γρηγορα, αψυχα.

Υστερα, απλά πατησα το κουμπι...

Παρασκευή, 24 Μαρτίου 2017

"weivretnI ogadreuM eD ergnaS" (lastdaydeaf.com)

You can say that they play dark music, but their music can make your soul resurrect, or that their music is coming from the deep past, but their music is also modern. You can also say that this is not music made by humans, but it perfectly applies to them. Some might say that it’s the perfect soundtrack for all those lonely persons whose friends are birds and animals. Sangre De Muerdago  (on 10th Anniversary Tour starting today!) music is all these things and more, Sangre De Muerdago music is the moment when the night and the day are meeting before change places.
First of all, I would like to thank you for the interview. My first question is, what made you become a musician?
Thank you Konstatinos.
Well I guess this came from the strong impact that some songs and melodies had on me since I started recognizing them around as a kid, and feeling them and the goosebumps on my arms.
To start playing music was a need and a natural evolution.
Which one is most important for you in a song, lyrics or the music and why?
Both are equally important, sometimes music can work without the lyrics obviously, but when both thins are present in one song, they both should be good, a great song musicwise can be ruined by the lyrics, or enhanced to magnificency. There are those songs where each word seems to have been written in perfect match and harmony with each note.
Have you ever thought of having lyrics in English language, so that more people will understand you?
Not really. Sangre De Muerdago has a couple of songs in Engish actually, there’s a song in English in our demo called ‘Haunted Glow’, that we re-recorded later for our 2nd album. And in this same record there’s a song called ‘The Paths Of Mannaz’ that was written in English too. There’s no reason why that happened, they were just lyrics that happened to be written in English at that moment, and so they stayed like that.
Besides that, I never question my Galician singing, it is just the most natural way for me to put out the feelings and emotions of the music, and if I would sing in English, that would be lost. I basically have a need to sing in Galician..
Listening to lyrics even if I don’t understand them, I feel sad. Sadness for you is a weapon to be stronger or you just express it?
Sadness can be many things. It can be discouraging and empowering, it can hit us in many different ways. I think it is important to be conscious and aware.of what surrounds us.
There’s no way to go around this world without sorrow and sadness when you look at what’s going on around the world. Human behaviour is so devastating that it cannot just be ignored, only a privileged heartless person would go through life like that.
There’s always sadness, there’s always something to digest. And it is up to us the way we deal with it and the possibility to turn this sadness into our fuel to spread love.
Is there a reason that will make you split Sangre De Muerdago, without making you feel sad?
That’s just not going to happen, it’ll always be somewhere.
When Jorge (former member of Sangre De Muerdago) passed in 2009, I made of Sangre a life commitment.
It might be more or less active, it might be that in some years it goes back to be me sitting on the porche of my caravan in the mountains with my instruments, like it was between 2009 and 2011.
But it’ll always be…
What is your goal with Sangre De Muerdago?
Sangre De Muerdago is a portal of enlightment, it’s a means to an end. No goal besides opening that portal.
Which is the happiest moment as a member of the group? Recordings, live, etc?
Those moments of enlightment.
Do you prefer playing live in a strange places or in a scene with bigger audience?
Both situations can be fantastic. It’s all up to the energy, your surrent inner state, and the communion with the audience.
It definitely helps when it is a special location with a great atmosphere and scene. But very simple and intimate performances can be as great too.
How has fado influenced your music?
I believe fado music has influenced Sangre’s undirectly, it is music full of sorrow, that Atlantic sorrow we all share.. But there’s a more direct influence from the Galician folk music or “música popular” as we call it in Galicia.
I imagine (and) pictures when I’m listening to you. If you had to put pictures in your music (apart from pictures of a forest), what kind of pictures you believe represent S.D.M.?
I hope these are pictures of love, enlightment, solidarity, protection, nature, friendship, myth and mystery, humbleness, primal elements, care and fulfillment.
Your music applies to the heart of all people, or only to those who you believe are good and pure inside?
Of course my music applies to everyone. We are all far from perfect.
What is the relation of S.D.M. with Galician folk in your most recent EP? 
Definitely the whole vibe and sound, and a couple of melodies are traditional, but mostly it was written by me.
This EP is something I wanted to do since a very long time, this is music we like to play on our own. Galician folk music is an enormous source of ancestral energy, and it was our wish to transport that ancestral energy to the record.
This means no radical change in our sound, since lots of the new material I have written for the next album continues the path we’ve always roamed. But it is definitely my wish to do more releases like this one on the side, in which we explore on the more traditional aspects of folk music, even if the songs would be written by us.
Why did you record this EP at home, and not in a studio?
Why record it in a studio when we could record it at home?
I’m very neanderthal when it comes to computers, but Georg has some good skills on recording and it was our wish to do it that way.
I’m slowly learning my way through music recording and edition, but I’m doing it on my own so everything takes long. Time to time..
I believe it’s very good that your cd’s packaging is very thoughtful. Do you believe that this makes listeners get more into the feelings that you create with music?
Thank you very much for this interview!
I hope so.
Every record is done once, and that’s it before moving on to the next one. It is a personal choice and wish to put all that effort on the packaging. I’m doing almost 100% of that work on my own and there’s a pleasure on it. For me it is like the cherry on top of the cake, a final touch that completes the work that has started time ago when writting the songs themselves.
I hope it helps people to ease their inner trip into our music. We’ve got always a very warm and nice feedback about our art and packaging, especially about the lots of handwork I do. But I primarily do it for the sake of it, and to wrap something I consider precious, in a precious home.
Thank you for the interview!
Konstantinos Pamfiliss

Τετάρτη, 8 Μαρτίου 2017

"ιενήβσομερΤ υοΠ ςώΦ οΤ"

Ειμαι ενα μικρο φως
που πολεμαει
να νικησει το σκοταδι.
Ειμαι ενα μικρο φως
που αν το κοιταξεις πολλη ωρα
θα χαθει

Της γεννησης μου
επαθλο αυτη η μαχη
κ γω μονάχος,
με μια ανασα προσπαθω.

Μπορω πισω να γυρισω
ιχνη να μην αφησω
τη ζεστασια που αφησα
παλι να τη χαρω

Μα πολεμω
χωρις φωνη φωναζω
χωρις κινηση κουνιεμαι
αυτη τη μαχη
αν την χασω
θα χαθω.
Ειμαι ενα φως
που σβηνει
ενα φως
που φθανει
μεχρι τις ακρες
των δακτυλων μου

Η ζωη ειναι μεγαλη,
που διαρκει μία στιγμη,
μα η μαχη ειναι μικρη
που διαρκει μια ζωη.

Κυριακή, 12 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

"?reveroF eviL oT stnaW ohW" (lastdaydeaf.com)

What is the most common thing in life? Well, except …taxes, the only thing we know for sure in our life is that we are all going to die someday (…or night!).
And of course, most of us fear death a lot. Speaking of death fear, I believe that we are terrified by the only thing that we know for sure in death: that we are going to be a delicious food for the worms! Even if we believe in life after death, in paradise and hell, in reincarnation or not etc., nothing can make us forget that the only truth we know (so far) is …dust to dust, ashes to ashes.
We are also afraid that when we die, we won’t have the ability to make the things that we could do when we had the time. This has no sense because it’s very difficult to say “I’m ready to die now”, and if someone says that, I believe that he would happily take some extra time to live a bit longer!
The other thing that we fear of death is that we will lose our beloved persons. This is a pity because (most of us) won’t do with our beloved ones the things we want now we are alive, or we do at least very few. Anyway, their loss is something that comes with the fear of (our, or their) death.
But what if we knew for sure, -by having proofs of course-, that there is life after death? We will be curious to see what kind of life that would b! Maybe a better life, but I’m sure that many of us (maybe all of us) would like to see. Sadly, this life sometime will also end, and if we have many lives, so do they will end sometime (except in video games!).
Imagine now that we can live forever! No death on the horizon, only life!! But, does anybody feel comfortable with that? Because life, contains also problems, sickness, etc. even without death! Life can makes us happy, but after a long time (or …too much time!) could be boring!
And let’s say that we would live forever without sickness, without any problems! Living forever in absolute happiness! (I know, it sounds like a bad joke!). Who cannot say that sometime we are missing death?
Living forever is like you are dead if the people next to you are dying. Imagine that you’ll meet your grand children, and your grand grand children etc. you will be a stranger to them (even if they know that you are immortal) and they’ll be a stranger to you, even if you live for sometime with them. Ok, maybe this is a modern human’s logic, that you cannot have strong bounds with your distant descendants, but we speak with the knowledge we have so far. And of course some might say that it would be great to live again so many births, to make again friends. Trust me, after sometime no one will believe that! It will be meaningless.
Another problem with immortality is that we must accept that we are going to see all of our descendants, all of our friends etc. dying! I know, after too many funerals we get used to it, but still it is something that we can’t pass easily. After sometime we may feel lonely, we are going to feel like we are the dead and not the others. Are we ready to feel ok (also) with it as the other things?
But, let’s say that we live forever not only ourselves, but everybody! No one is going to die again (I know, we’ll have some serious space problem after a few years!). The only solution that I can imagine if we all live forever, is to live in other planets, or in other dimensions, where time and space has not the meaning we know so far. But, as far as we know it’s too difficult to transfer our lives in other dimensions (I will ask my grand grand grand children about it, and I will tell you).
One reason of being afraid to die, is that we have faith, we have hope even if our life has too many problems. We don’t know exactly what we hope, but I believe that we hope just to make ourselves forget death, or feel not that bad with it.
Speaking for myself, I don’t have problem with …Mr. Death! I imagine myself happy when I’ll meet him (amongst ourselves now, I believe that I will live forever, but let’s keep it as our secret). I would like of course to die with my own will, and a smile in my face. A smile that says “Ok, I’m ready now, I don’t need some extra time”.  I believe that death is the next step after life, and, who knows, maybe there are more steps also! I want to die sometime, because when I do, I will live forever (sorry, I don’t want to explain that, take it as you wish). I also want to die, because if I live forever …other kids will make fun with me! Of course I want to die first, I don’t want to see my beloved ones dying (something we all want I guess).
And, if there is nothing but a big blank after death, I would like to see that too!
Concluding my thoughts, with another reflection of mine: The end of humanity will start when in the whole world all the new born babies will have the same face, same genre. When all the new born babies are like one. Then, we will understand that our time as a mankind is over.
(p.s. I hope that if there is afterlife, I don’t owe money to anyone!)